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About Competitions


Throughout the skating season the Starskate skaters and some high level CanSkaters have the opportunity to participate in Skate Canada sanctioned skating competitions.  Usually the Coach decides what compeitions to enter in consultation with the parent.  Competitions are completely optional. 


Some competitions can take you all over Eastern Ontario or sometimes beyond.  There is an extra charge to enter all competitions - these charges are not included in your Uxbridge Skating Club lesson fees. 


Usually the Coach will give the competition registration forms to the parent or send the parent a link to access them.  The parent fills out the registration form and sends it directly to the hosting Club along with payment, unless otherwise directed by the Coach.  Some Club's require a copy of the Skater's Birth Certificate depending on the competition section entered.  You will need the Skater's Skate Canada Number (the number assigned to every Skater who registers with a Skating Club in Canada).  Ask your Coach or the Memebership Chair if you do not know what your Skater's number is.


The schedule for the competition is either sent to you through your Coach or emailed directly to you or posted on the hosting Club's website about a week in advance of the competition.


How do the competitions work?  Once you arrive at the arena, you register at the front desk and hand in your music.  This person will direct you to your dressing room.  You then connect with your Coach.  Be ready an hour ahead of your scheduled skate time with running shoes on so you can warm up.  Your Coach will direct you. 

After you skate you wait for the results to be posted.  There are scheduled awards ceremonies throughout the day in which the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are announced and stand on the podium to receive their medals or ribbons.


Upcoming Competitions:




Links to websites listing Competitions open to all StarSkaters and some high level CanSkaters:


Skate Canada - National, International and Qualifying Competitions.


EOS - List of Competitions being hosted by Skating Clubs in Eastern Ontario.


COS -  List of Competitions being hosted by Skating Clubs in Central Ontario.










Competition Results:

2013-2014 Season

Octoberfest, Barrie,  Oct 17-18

Victoria Suchy,  Pre-Juvenile Freeskate - 11th place
Adam Carnaffan and partner Ashleigh Thompson, Juvenile Ice Dance - 13th place

EOS Sectionals,  Napanee,  Nov 1-3

Victoria Suchy, Pre-Juvenile Freeskate - 8th place
Josee Foster, Pre-Novice - 27th place
Adam Carnaffan and partner Ashleigh Thompson, Juvenile Ice Dance - 2nd place

Keswick Invitational,  Keswick,  Nov 15-17

Summer Skate Aug. 14-17 
Congratulations to Josee Foster - Novice Woman Short and Free Skate -10th
Victoria Suchy - Pre Juvenile U14 Women FreeSkate - 8th
Mackenzie Bent and Garrett MacKeen - Jr Ice Dance - FreeSkate - 1st

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