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Ballet for Skaters 

A special off-ice class offered exclusively to Skaters.


This specialty class is designed to compliment all levels of skating, with a variety of exercises conducted in a FUN and safe manner.

When:  Winter Session 
Where:  Upstairs at the Uxpool

Professional Instructor:  Cydèle Fadeeva

Requirements:  Registered with USC, Age 7+ (or affiliated clubs)

Registration is available online only.  Payment is available by credit card or cheque. (payable to Uxbridge Skating Club)

(if you need assistance with the registration using our new online system, please contact us

The class format is ideal for all levels of skaters, ages 7 & up who are interested in:

–      increasing their flexibility & strength

–      improving posture and body awareness

–      understanding musicality and movements to music

–      proper stretching techniques

–      developing character and facial expressions


Tights, socks or ballet slippers are the preferred footwear for this class.

Nine Week Program                                                                                      



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