Welcome to the Uxbridge Skating Club!

USC is a non-profit organization completely run by a Board of Directors who are all volunteers. We have been offering skating programs since 1963. 
Our Coaches are highly skilled, all with NCCP qualifications. 
Our facility, the Uxbridge Arena & Recreation Center, has 2 full size ice pads, a jump harness and heated viewing area.
Thanks for another GREAT season!
We look forward to skating with you next year.

Weekly Skating Schedule

                                                 Mondays:                              Wednesdays:                                      Sundays:

                                       3:45-4:55 Senior/Inter.      3:45-4:55 Senior/Inter.                      9:00-9:50 Canskate

                                       4:55-5:50 Junior/Inter.       4:55-5:50 Junior/Inter.                  10:30-11:20 Senior/Inter./Junior

                                           6:30-7:20 CanSkate           6:30-7:20 CanSkate                            


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It's a great place to buy/sell or trade your used skating equipment. 

Program Payment Options 

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