Comparing Boots & Blades


Skate Canada handed out a Boots and Blades Comparison Chart at their 2016 Annual General Meeting, to help coaches and skaters choose the proper equipment for the ice.  You can download this chart below.  If you have questions about what is right for your skater, talk with your coach for further guidance.

Where to get skates sharpened?

Not all sharpenings are the same.  Powerskaters and STARSkaters need to have a professional skate sharpening.  If you have any questions, please speak to one of our coaches for assistance.  

Boyd's Source for Sports, 4 Banff Rd., Uxbridge 905-862-2693

The Figure Skating Boutique, 109 Doncaster Blvd, Thornhill 416-225-1377

Jake's, 14 Essex Ave. Unit 28,  Thornhill,  905-889-3276