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Welcome to our Club!


Download the Fall and Winter 2023/2024

USC brochure here.

Welcome to CanSkate!

Read here about what to wear and what to do on your first day.

Parent Information Meeting


  This is a letter to summarize the parent information meeting that we typically hold the second week for the CanSkate and Pre CanSkate session. 


Report Card


  See what your CanSkate report card looks like before you start.


Program Objectives:

To provide participants and families with a safe, welcoming and inclusive first experience in the sport of skating

To develop skating and motor skills through natural learning phases (introduction, acquisition, retention/mastery)

To use skill progression and repetition throughout the stages to introduce physical literacy and establish quality basic skating skills

To foster personal achievements and satisfaction through skill acquistion, rewards and recognition

To evoke an interest in life-long participation in skating

The CanSkate program  curriculum is organized into three fundamental areas, divided into siz stages of learning.

The Fundamental Areas are:


Balance - Concentration on forward skills

Control - Concentration on backward and stopping skills

Agility - Concentrating on turning and jumping skills

The awards consist of:


Three fundamental Area ribbons for each stage - balance, Control and Agility

Six Stage badges

To receive a stage badge, skaters must achieve all fundamental area ribbons from the corresponding stage. Skill requirements for each fundamental area are indicated on the report card. (See sample of report card below)

The CanSkate session  have four main components:


                    1. Warm up                     2. Lesson Time                     3. Group Activity                     4. Cool Down


*Session requirements are subject to change due to flood requirements or low enrollment.

** Make up sessions are only permitted if numbers allow.  Requests must be submitted in email to the club in advance.  Response will be provided to allow or disallow. 

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