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Uxbridge Skating Club

​PO Box 911, Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1N3


Our arena is located at 291 Brock St W, Uxbridge

  • There are many ways you can help your club.  Feel free to contact if you would like to help.

Your details were sent successfully! Please allow 48 hours for a reply during regular season. During the summer, responses may take longer as this is the off season.

Board Members

Board of Directors for 2022-2023


Anyone from the Board of Directors can be contacted through the club email

If you wish to add something to the agenda please email your request in advance at   


The board meets once a month.

Kayla pic.jpg


Kayla Woodrow

Nea Griffith

Advertising Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

IMG_1173 (1).jpg

Anna Sunn
Treasurer/Online Membership Resource

Janice Whiton

Clothing Coordinator

Tina Foley
Test Chair

Brenda Huard

Events Coordinator 

Alison MacLean
Member at Large - Coach


Program Coordinator


Volunteer Position to be filled:

  • Vice President

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