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 Price List for Spring 2023

Good News!

No rate increase from last year!

CanSkate Programs


Pre CanSkate         Monday $175.98 for 7 Classes

                            Wednesday $201.12 for 8 classes

                            Sunday $100.56 for 4 classes


CanSkate               Monday $199.01 for 7 classes

                            Wednesday $227.44 for 8 classes

                            Sunday $113.72 for 4 classes


CanSkate Plus         Monday $179.13 for 7 classes

                             Wednesday $204.72 for 8 classes

                             Sunday $122.48 for 4 classes


Teen CanSkate        Sunday $227.42 for 4 classes


Adult CanSkate        Sunday $227.42 for 4 classes



 STAR Skate Programs


Juniors                   Mondays $197.82

                             Wednesday $226.08

                             Thursday $205.38

                             3 Days $535.26


Intermediates         Monday (Early Session) $205.38

                             Wednesday (Early Session) $234.72

                             Mondays (Later Session) $197.82

                             Wednesday (Later Session) $226.08

                             Thursday $205.38

                             3 Days (Early Session) $548.68

                             3 Days (Later Session) $535.26


Seniors                   Mondays $205.38

                             Wednesday $234.72

                             Thursday $205.38

                             3 Days $548.68



*Please note a $44 annual Skate Canada membership fee is applied at checkout. This is a mandatory fee that the USC pays on your behalf to Skate Canada.  This allows the athlete coverage via the Skate Canada Insurance Policy should an injury occur.  This fee must be paid upon registration and the coverage period runs from Sept.1 through Aug.31.  This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE once you complete your registration for your program. This coverage is not optional.  Skaters cannot take the ice at the USC without it.

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