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Welcome to our Club!
Download the Fall and winter 2023/2004 USC brochure here.

Welcome to Pre CanSkate!

Read here about what to wear and what to do on your first day.

Parent Information Meeting


  This is a letter to summarize a parent information meeting that we typically hold the second week for the CanSkate and Pre CanSkate sessions. 


Report Card


See what your PreCan Skate report card looks like before you start.


PreCanSkate is a component of the CanSkate program and is not considered a separate program; rather it is a readiness vehicle to prepare skaters for CanSkate. This is why PreCanSkate runs during the CanSkate session. PreCanSkate is designed for those who have never skated before or who are not confident with their balance on the ice. PreCanSkaters work on the essentials needed to move safely and effectively on the ice so that they can rotate to the different learning stations.


There are eight basic skills designed to ready PreCanSkaters for the CanSkate program, they are:


1. Balance on 2 feet                   3. Move forward               5. March around the spot              7. Jump on the spot


2. Fall down and get up             4. Move backward            6. Make snow                                8. Two-foot twist on spot


As soon as skaters are capable of doing the eight skills above they are ready for our CanSkate session.  Parents/Guardians will be notified in advance of a move to the CanSkate session.  

*   Session requirements subject to change and times ie. if flood needs to be added, also subject to enrollment.

** Make up sessions are only permitted if numbers allow.  Requests must be submitted in email to the club in advance.  Written/email response will be provided to allow or disallow.  If allowed, follow the process outlined in the Parent Info Package.  

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