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Skate Sharpening Service










Did you know that getting figure skates sharpened at a hockey place is a bad idea?

Figure skates are unique and need a special machine and skill to ensure they are sharpened correctly so that your child can skate to his/her best. BUT there is no place close to Uxbridge to get our kids skates sharpened.  It’s such a pain.   It takes time, gas, effort…, just to get them sharpened!  Yikes.


Uxbridge Skating Club has the solution.

We will take your figure skates to the ‘Figure Skating Boutique’ and get them sharpened by and expert for you.


The last week of November we will be collecting figure skates at the arena for anyone that would like to get their child’s skates sharpened.


Wed November 28 or Thursday November 29 please leave your child’s skates (ideally with soft guards on the blades) in the bin at the skating table.  One of the board members will be there to ensure that the skates have been marked with your name and phone number.  


Skates will be back at the arena sharp and ready to go on Sunday Dec 2nd, Monday Dec 3rd and Wed Dec 5th for pick up.

 Cost is $20 that can be paid by cash or cheque, when you drop off the skates.


 *if you have a private coach please check with them for their advice on skate sharpening.

* if you have adult figure skates that need to be sharpened we will take those too!

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